We go out as soon as the cold is felt: thrown draped over the sofa or wrapped around our shoulders, plaid is a fleece blacnket in which we remain huddled for hours! A custom plaid brings a modern touch to a living room and transforms the mood of a room, making it more personal and warm ..

Create a plaid sofa for unparalleled comfort!

To bring a cosy touch to the aesthetics of your home, personalize a plaid in the style you like. With our tuner customization you can achieve in the plaid embroidery of your dreams, to enjoy your moments of relaxation huddled at the bottom of your couch! If you are looking for a soft and warm plaid, in which you will feel relaxed and rested, then our customizable throws give you a feeling of instant comfort.

In addition to keeping you warm, it can easily dress up an old sofa or a bed frame

The advantage of Tunetoo is that they are easy to customize embroidery and accessible thanks to their price! You can then create a collection of plaids and replace them according to your wishes, to form a home and well decorated to match cushions or custom linens! !

How to customize an embroidered plaid?

Without great effort you will succeed in creating the plaid of your dreams, a few clicks!

Select the plaid and color of your choice. Then add all the patterns, text or logos to your heart! You can change the size, font colors and location in the marking area, patterns and text to your liking. Once your finished creation, add it to your cart and receive your unique embroidered plaid!

Order your plaids in quantity!

A custom plaid is a good gift to please your loved ones or to make available to your guests!

Contact us for orders over 25 pieces, filling in with a few clicks your estimate for customizable plaids.

With advanced equipment and a mastered skill of all our markings made embroidery, we ensure impeccable quality personalization on a variety of textiles and objects. We have the ability to perform on time, large orders embroidered plaids for your business, in our workshops in Bordeaux.