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Create a plush toys for your baby

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Because plush toys are really to be crunched, our comforters are to personalise with your printed souvenir pictures and your embroidered texts! Who would resist a personalised plush toys ? With a silky fur and a soft belly, a soft towel will seduce the most sensitive of you!

Create a blanket for your child

A cuddly toy is such a unique and precious stuffed character that it comes alive in your children's imagination. It often has several facets and depending on the times it can be a superb toy, a confidant or even better: a best friend. But one thing is certain is that he will always be a companion of comfort, for your loved ones, whatever their ages!

It is then necessary to create one that comes closest to the personality of your children and your friends! For that: leave your imagination free and create an adorable cuddly toy. Everything is possible on Tunetoo to allow you to make with love a princess doudou, doudou I love you, doudou from Paris, a rock'n'roll comfort ... And for great occasions consider offering a personalised teddy bear, a special gift Valentine's day cuddly or customized Christmas cuddly to the image of your loved one! In front of such a personalized gift difficult not to crack!

Choose a cute "doudou" to offer!

There's something for everyone: soft toys with blanket, velvety teddy bears, little ones, big boys ... You can dress them according to your favorite style, with plush accessories! The personalisation is done for example on a t-shirt, plush or embroidery! They can be easily removed to wash.